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January 23, 2005


A little birdie

Let "Miss Jones" (Tarsha Jones) know how you feel ... give her a call at home: (718) 545-4612


Found some new lyrics to "We are the world" just for Miss Jones and Hot 97! Maybe someone with singing ability can record it and distribute it.

Title: She's an Ass-Whole (Miss Jones that is..)
{Sing to the "We are the world Music"
Author: anonymous
All proceeds forward to the Tsunami Victims Relief funds.....

There's was a time
when a DJ sang a song
the tsunami song by Hot 97 Miss Jones

They are people dying,
phuket, Maldives, Thialand
and this stupid bitch continued and saaang...

We can't go on
pretending day by day
That someone, somehow will, kick her ass
She's a part of Hot 97 FM
And the truth is that they are all full of shit!!!

She's and ass-whole...
and that we know it
Hot 97 should fire her ass
and will drink to it
It's her choice she made it,
to sing that crappy song
and now the shit has hit the fan!

Well, sorry miss jones
It's time to pay the price
For making fun of all the dead asians
As life has shown us
By watching the TV
That people like you deserve the death penalty

She's and ass-whole...
and that we know it
Hot 97 should fire her ass
and will drink to it
It's her choice she made it,
to sing that crappy song
and now the shit has hit the fan!

not the real miss jones

Miss Jones (Tarsha Jones)that is not her number i am not her and i don't call because police are tracing calls i notified them of this!

william liang

Jones and Lynn are not considered people in my book, they are creatures. They are heartless, racist, brainless pests. Tsunami song, racist comments on public air wave. . . OMG...they should burn in hell along with all of their offsprings. They will not go to heaven because the poor victims which them made fun of from the tsunami will be waiting for the moment Jone and Lynn dies. Jone and Lynn and the entire staff should be banned forever from the radio industry. Let their own home be the only place they can ever be racist again. We asians are not "superior" as I believe every race is equally smart and nice. But I don't think anyone can be as LOW as jones and lynn ever be. Why didnt they made a funny song about 9-11? if they had the balls.

not the real miss jones


just called

number didn't work, it must be like 445? didn't even go into vm....

Lady Dee

A fitting punishment would be to make her go there so she can see first hand what it is she is making fun of.


FYU: This is Miss Jones website. For some reason her forum is down. Probably turned it off due to the backlash messages she was getting.


Site has lots of pictures of Ms. Jones. If I was her webmaster I would recomend she take them off-line. Oops, I think it might be too late. By now image saavy artist should be doing some funny stuff with her photos.

Seems to me, Ms. Jones was overtaken by a tsunami of her own creation.

I Listen to Hot 97 ALL the Time

I am not a fan of Miss Jones in the Morning, but I do listend everyday. And it seems a bunch of information that is untrue is influencing a lot of people:
1. The Tsunami song was played from the same day that Starr and Buc Wild came back to Power (Last Monday).
2. Miss Jones is not singing on it. She has been airing the show from her home in Philly or NJ since Last November. She has not production credits for that or vocals. The female you here is the no name chick in the room that shucks and jives.
3. The Producer is a sick mo fo and death is humorous to him. He is not even hip hop. But when you have a room full of side kicks air a radio show, they follow anyone who wants to play leader.
4. Miss Info and Miss Jones got into the fight on Thursday of the same week the song got played. Info never supported it, but she didn't dead it from the first time she heard it either.
5. Karma is a bitch and Hot 97 is a "Sloppy Station"
6. Todd Lynn saying is he going to shoot all Asians is obviously sarcasm. Only people that listen would know. Instead yall want to crucify him. (How ironic that he makes fun of the holes in Jesus's hand and now is getting crucified.

So, get your facts straight before you go around repeating a bunch of false information. Info do the damn thing!!! Envy, Keep your head up!!! Todd, make it work for you. Jones, be a good mommy.

This will Pass....


when you play with Jesus name and make Jesus jokes the Lord has away of dealing with you in his own way the Lord can give you the strenth to wake up and be number 1 and he can also so take it away you all should pray for the victiams and for your actions when you do that and really really mean it you will be for given me as a listern for give you i think you allllllllll learn your lesson and you should return to radio after a apology and a week of wages the wages is the tithes that belong to the lord and just watch what you say in Jesus name


Jones XYZ, you deserve more than a fire

hot mama

youll niggaz be hating i love miss jones i miss u come back soon

The bitch needs to go.

The bitch needs to go...along with the rest of the memebers. Sarcasm or not...I'm sure NYC wouldn't want anyone to be passing round a friggin song singing about the 9-11.


We are trying to host a debate about this situation being Howard Stern receives so much scrutiny from the FCC, I'm eager to see the end results for Hot97.

The debate AND the MP3 Links, both the song and the argument, (bandwidth unlimited) is here: http://alldebates.com/index.php?showtopic=11

Sgt. Mike Low

ignorant, stupid, and pathetic.. those are my three words to describe "MISS JONES"


Unbelievable ? What in the hell is the matter with Hot97? The station sucks regardless However why would anybody make an attempt to make a joke of the many lives lost? Only a station built around ignorance could pull a stunt like that.God bless the families that lost loved ones. And for the ignorant F***'s at Hot97 well, you know what you can do!

The Right One

Oh,I've been waiting to tell Jones what I think of her, and yes, I too have stopped listening to the morning show. We're not all ghetto and ignorant!
Jones, everyone doesn't have to share your point of view or be like you. You need to step the fuck off Ms. Info's ass and let her be, act, think and say whatever the hell she likes. She doesn't have to share your view points. On air, I can tell how hard she tries no to tell your sorry ass to go fuck a few bums. We all have the ability to think but not all of us have the ability to reason, you seem to be the latter. I feel sorry for your son, karma is a bitch and if you don't have it rough now then he will. God doesn't like ugly and since you've been back somehow you seem to think that's the best way for you to get ratings and a laugh. Grow up, just because you're from the ghetto doesn't me you should put that over the air ways and if you're not then shame on you! It's time to grow up.
Ms Info and Envy---Good luck!!
Todd---go back to whichever hole you came from.
Jones --- Your voice is like satan, karma is a bitch and you'll find out soon enough!
You co-signed on that song by allowing it to be played on your shift! Even after listners asked you not to play it, you'd play it, then after pressure, decided to issue a sorry ass apology...Please. I know you have a contract, so no one can just fire you, your station is putting on a front by suspending you for a week, but I'll tell you this much, my friends and I will not be listening to your nonsense! Enough already!

just to be fair

To Jones and Lynn: If you say "I am sorry" 200,000 times to each victim and 200,000 times more to each victim's family. Then fire yourselves from your loud mouth job. Then I'll forgive you.


Mizz jones And todd lynn or whatever your name sare!! lemme just say ma pice. Mizz Jones u have got some nerve to open that big ugly whole in ur fucked up face u call a mouth! u lil rat ass looking piece of dog shit!! How dare u make fun of such a tragedy?? who gave birth to u by mistake newayz? i hope u burn in hell!! why u ain't had the nerve to make a september eleventh song? bitchez and hoez!! I hope some bombs yall houzez!! I bet if someone called blacks niggaz on the air it'll be a big dal!! Now i am black. Full one hundred percent African black! But i still hate mizz jones!!! Who u think u are newayz!!!?? u need to burn in hell. The only way i'll 4give u for dat stupid crap uand your posses pulled is if everyone one of yall commited suicide!! then all will be 4given. Go to tell yall. And to mizz info, u shoulda slapped the bitch and told her to screw herself when she tried to get all up on ya case. Keep ya head up lady.

Terri in Philly

hi Jonesy and congrats on the birth of your son,Miss you!


To me Miss Jones is not a bad person, just stop hating bitch!!!!!!!!!

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