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May 26, 2005



Couldn't you have done anything to help? Was it lack of compassion that kept you from warning the woman that she was about to be stabbed? If that is the case, don't you feel partially responsible? If it was in your power to do something to help, such as warning the woman in the pink sweater, then you should have done so, especially considering the utility of your action, its benefit for the woman, and the comparative lack of suffering such action would bring upon yourself.


what an interesting response.

no, considering that what took place spanned about 3-4 seconds between the time of my sighting of the knife and the time of her stabbing the second woman and the fact that they were travelling down the escalator and i was about 20-30 feet from the entrance to the escalator barely able to comprehend what was happening, no, i was unable to help. withing 2-3 seconds of her stabbing the second woman, the fbi agent had a gun on her and she had dropped the knife.

garth breaks

I was stabbed in the abdomen at a graduation party when I was 19. I remember looking down at the wound which had swollen to the size of an egg, protruding a solid 1-2 inches from just left of my navel, spilling blood clear to my shoes.
I didn't think it was too bad, perhaps movies had conditioned me to believe that all severe stabbings are slashings. I just remember looking at this narrow little slit that wouldn't stop bleeding and thinking about how I may have to cancel plans to go grab BLT subs with my pals after the party.
I also learned that shock is a pretty amazing thing that night - my plan was to continue hanging out and have it checked out later in the evening or the next morning. Thankfully the paramedics refused to leave without me (5 others were stabbed as well) and begrudgingly, I hit the hospital on the condition that a friend of mine pick up a sub for me.
Several hundred stiches and staples later I awoke to a morphine induced fog with a catheter in my bladder, a feeding tube in my nose and a long road to recovery.
The scar from the wound itself is no more than an inch, though the scars from my related surgery would likely top 1.5 feet if put together end to end.
Don't know why I just detailed all that out for you irina, frankly, it's not something I generally talk about, especially to complete strangers. Perhaps I just want to give you the perspective of the victim and let you know that what you've witnessed is undoubtedly shocking and disturbing, but sadly more common than you might imagine.
I hope you truly are comfortable with the knowledge that there's nothing you could have done and trust that you're a solid enough character that had there been an opportunity to safely intervene, you would have.


Ashraf, that's a horrible thing to say. What an ass. May you hope you never are in a similar situation only to have someone blame you when there was nothing you could have done.


Wow. Claiming that a witness is somehow responsible for the crime shows a lack of sense, not to mention a lack of compassion. But I suppose maybe it's just a lack of understanding.

Witnesses are not perpetrators, they are, in a smaller sense also victims of the crime.

How can a person who doesn't know what to expect, stop the unexpected form happening in the span of a few seconds?


How do we cleanse the world of these vulgar fiends?


Wow, what an intense story. And what a compelling read. Interesting first comment, also. Obviously from someone without any experience in such events. The first rule of utility is self-survival, anyway, so that's a bunk argument.

Glad no one in your party was hurt.


Yea how do we get rid of these bad things {people}!!

irina slutsky

there is no way to "get rid" of these "bad people" because she was someone who needed mental health assistance when she was arrested. because of the cuts in budgets and the "tough on crime" politicians, she only got arrested and jailed. she was released back into the world, and did what the voices in her head told her to do. is it a society's responsibility to take care of its sick or not?

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