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September 21, 2005


Greg Hammond

Good cause and effort and result. Something similar was done in previous years for breast cancer fundraising. It's great when people can combine fun with good works.

David Dolnick

This rocks! I'm all for the charity - well done Justin, keep up the good work.

Greg Howard

It's nice to see "boobs" and "disaster" done in a context that doesn't involve Lindsay Lohan for a change.


Haha, this is great! I heard that the website http://MyFreeImplants.com is also contributing a percentage of the money they raise for girls implants to hurricane victims. I think its only for the girls that choose to opt in however. I'm not sure how many that is.

Irina Slutsky

wow, this was a while ago and now i am going to hopefully make a cast of my boobs for http://keep-a-breast.org

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Great because I think all things we do for charity should be rewarded, I think the proposal of this man was excellent, by the way I was really interested in the title because it told about boobs.

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