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October 24, 2005


Rosa Parks is a really special person to me too. It is really sad that she died. She made a big difference in our lives. I hope that she is always remembered.

amber lovewell

Our class is reading about rosa and we needed to no if you were alive!

amber lovewell

i like u!


im 13 and very sad rosas dead


how did roasa dide


she is my hero besidees my mom!

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true, a real loss for this world, as ever the great mind die before we can learn all them secrets, in this case we can enjoy the Park's job for a long time.

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we remember this women, not as social rebel, not as a women who said no, we remember Rosa for the lesson that we leave us, we are equals, we are the same not a different social class, not a different races.


this is good post here.!

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