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September 09, 2006


Jeremy Pepper

Oh yah. Soap opera geeks unite!!!

Steve Woolf

dan mcv is one of the good guys. zadi and i had dinner with him and his two kids at his house recently. good ice cream, mmm. anyway, his kids make other teenagers look like drooling idiots. they were intelligent, engaging, and had tons to add to the conversation. his son just went to columbia to study engineering. not too shabby. and his daughter is a singer/songwriter who we're going to interview for jet set (http://jetsetshow.com). anyway, dan is really into this vlogging thing -- we were going to have him do a character on jet set. an aging superhero. we have to find a way to fold that into the new rss news that we're spinning off.

jay dedman

Daniel seems to have charmed everyone who meets him. Can't wait to meet him.

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i remember one of his movies and you are right, this guy is really something and manages a bunch of languages! simple incredible!

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What happened to the scrolling blog updates? I liked them. Not complaining, just asking.


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